Shaun Burner is a painter from Northern California and is now based in Los Angeles.  Influenced at a very young age from growing up surrounded by an artistic family, Shaun has developed and strengthened his skills as a fine artist.  Mostly working with acrylics and spray enamel, today he focuses on mural work and large-scaled paintings. Shaun has worked with institutions like the City of Sacramento Arts Commission to community organizations like Sol Collective, teaching arts to the youth.  He met the founding members of the Trust Your Struggle Collective while on an arts tour of Puerto Rico and joined the crew in 2006.  In 2008, TYS completed a national tour, producing murals for various community centers in cities across the country.  Inspired most by collaborative work, today Shaun continues to build with artists all over the world while building a name for himself in Los Angeles.

Visit Shaun’s Flickr page for more photos.